Following are links to 120+ remote viewing sites - research, sessions, videos, forums, reports, observations, targets, tools and training. Two great resource sites are Tenthousandroads (TKR) and Daz Smith's revised and expanded  For an overview of the field see Daz's Visual Map of Remote Viewing History

Remote viewing is a form of "psi" and is a genuine phenomenon. It is not yet a science, because there is no acknowledged theoretical framework to explain it. However, many scientific experiments to explore it have been carried out (e.g., by Ed May and colleagues at Laboratories for Fundamental Research).

There are three main methods of RV:  a) simple / natural RV as practiced and recommended by RV pioneers Joe McMoneagle, Stephan Schwartz and Russell Targ;  b) Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV) and offshoots (e.g. SRV, TRV, TDRV) also known as "method viewing", which is practiced by the majority of people active in the field. Ingo Swann, the "Father of Remote Viewing" used a natural method himself, but was also the primary developer of CRV. c) Extended Remote Viewing (ERV), RV done in a state of extreme relaxation. Some viewers combine CRV and ERV. (For a discussion of the distinction between protocol and method see:  RV Protocol.)

If you are new to RV, TKR is one good place to begin - with an extensive discussion forum, double-blind RV sessions in the "Dojo", excellent resource links, and more.  See also the Facebook pages below, especially the two largest FB sites.

"For remote viewing to have a more positive influence on our future, it must be found useful at the grass roots level where goal oriented individuals can perceive its applications for the common good. Only those individuals who have made some effort to understand it as a personal experience will be in a position to comprehend more fully the potential of it. They are the advanced thinkers who will redefine the boundaries of consciousness." - Ingo Swann

Companion page with Parapsychology links


In ARV, an outcome, usually of a binary event, is most often associated with one or more photosites corresponding to the two possible outcomes. This form of RV can be used to predict the results of a game or in principle of any binary event, situation or question.

Applied Precognition Project (Marty Rosenblatt and team; about 1000 members) (Marty Rosenblatt)
ARV4Fun (T.W Fendley) Ongoing ARV trials, ARV news
ARV Horse Racing (Tom Atwater)  .
ARV results (Greg Kolodziejzyk - the most extensive ARV experiment - 1998-2011)  
ARV Studio (Igor Grgich - excellent software to run ARV projects)  Lottery ARV    
Associative Remote Viewing (Jack Houck 1989)
Christopher Carson Smith - Remote Viewing the Stock Market (Video, 20 min.)
    Daily Grail: Researchers Use ESP to Make Money on the Stock Market
Lottery Post threads on lottery and remote viewing
Martin Zvarik: Associative Remote Viewing: Ask Anything (Online tool)   NEW
Marty Rosenblatt Connections through Time - p-i-a online publication 
New Intelligence Software for Remote Viewing - Bill Gattis
Remote Viewing the Lottery and Introduction to Remote Viewing Training (Sean McNamara)(video 10:46 min.)
Strict Unitary ARV (SUARV-Jon Knowles - video 44 min.)   
Unitary ARV (Jon Knowles)  Unitary ARV seeks to overcome the persistent problem of displacement found in binary ARV, by having just one target.
York Dobyns - Remote Viewing the Lottery (Analysis)(video - 30 min.)

GENERAL  Some places to begin exploring RV. Also see the Facebook section.
Aesthetic Impact (Teresa Frisch: Project reports, Sessions, Webinar Tutorials, Operational Remote Viewing Registry)
Daryl (Daz) Smith - - very comprehensive site  Eight Martinis Magazine (Daz Smith's RV zine)
Daz Smith - Visual Map of Remote Viewing history
Firedocs archives (Palyne (PJ) Gaenir) 
Ingo Swann: Visionary Artist Writer Father of Remote Viewing
Russell Targ (books, workshops, etc.) 
Simeon Hein - Mt. Baldy Institute  Introductory Videos    
Stephan Schwartz (books, links, etc.)     Schwartz Report (progressive outlook on world affairs)
TKR - TenthousandRoads (outstanding RV portal; has forum)   TKR Youtube videos
TKR - RV EXPO - Interviews with the McMoneagles, May, Radin, Tart, Broughton, Angela Smith, Targ and Langford- July 2009)
Wikipedia Remote Viewing page (2007 version by Paul H. Smith prior to revision by anti-psi editors) Wikipedia is unreliable on all matters relating to psi.

It is difficult to determine legitimate current RV businesses/services. There are strong indications the following have a legitimate "hard target" RV business/service (other than, or in addition to, RV instruction, RV products, life coaching and the like). 
Angela Thompson Smith - Mindwise Consulting
CryptoViewing (Daz Smith, Dick Allgire)(cryptocurrency subscription service)  NEW
   How We Used Remote Viewing to Predict the Election
Daz Smith - Intuitive Recon (UK)
Husick Group - Remote Viewing & Reverse Speech Services   Remote Viewing examples
Intuitive Consultants - John Stewart and Maggie Shetz   
IRIS Consulting - Alexis Champion (France)    
Lyn Buchanan - P>S>I
Pam Coronado - Intuitive Investigator
Project Search for Hope (Non-profit founded by Pam Coronado)
PSI: Purestream - Paul O'Connor  
Right Hemispheric - John Vivanco   

DATABASING - The following currently database results    
Alexis Poquiz (ACEM) (main moderator of Facebook Remote Viewing page)
Applied Precognition Project - Marty Rosenblatt
P>S>I (Problems, Solutions, Innovations) - Lyn Buchanan
Signal Line Remote Viewers (Pittsburgh, PA)


In these examples: the viewer does not know what/where the target is (depending on the specific case). Viewer is given only an arbitrary reference number. Viewer is not with and during the session has no phone or other access to anyone who knows what/where the target is.  The target is confirmable and full feedback is given. Some consider remote viewing to be only viewing that is done under double-blind conditions like these.  
Hella Hammid (with Russell Targ and Keith Harary) (1983)(6 minutes)
Successful RV Experiment on Television (Keith Harary; intro by Brian Josephson ) (1992 )(11 minutes) 
Joe McMoneagle (with Dr. Edwin May) National Geographic (Feb 2005) (8 minutes)
Courtney Brown (with HRVG) Manoa Remote Viewing Project (2009) (6 minutes)
Martin Zoller - Outbounder demonstration in Leipzig with hand-dowsing of map (in German)(2012)(17 minutes)
Dick Allgire (HRVG) - Remote Viewing Session on Video (2012)(34 minutes) 
Hitomi Akamatsu (with Dick Allgire of HRVG) - Hitomi and The God Particle (45 minutes; cost is $25 for DVD)(2013)   

In the following examples, one or more of the above conditions is not met or the full circumstances are not known
In Search of...Psychic Sea Hunt (Stephan Schwartz with Ingo Swann, Hella Hammid) (20 minutes)  
The Alexandria Project (Stephan Schwartz with Hella Hammid and George McMullen, page 2 on site) (30 minutes) 
John Cook (IRVA President) does a CRV Session (5:43)  
Julia Mossbridge (Researcher) does a Controlled Precognitive session (22:27) 
Pam Coronado / Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) (2011) (5 minutes)
Paul O'Connor (with Andrew Usher) for artist Karen Russo (2008-2010) Videos section
Psi Tech - Technical Remote Viewing Demonstration (Dames-Dourif 1998) (4 minutes)
Prudence Calabrese-Don Walker -TransDimensional Systems- Jon Ronson video (2002)(3.5 minutes)   
Psyscape Archives 
Remote Viewing Demonstration by Joe McMoneagle (7 minutes)  
Remote Viewing Unit - Outbounder experiment (2011)(4:56 minutes)   
Students of David Morehouse / Los Angeles TV station (2003) (6 minutes)
Torbjörn Sassersson misslyckas remote viewing igen (6 minutes)
Jerry Harthcock - CRV Team Tackles Baltic Sea Anomaly (2012) (7 videos, over 10 hours)  
Txception / Apollo 15 and 16 (2012)
Txception / Viewer Delta / Unidentified Object Discovered by Hubble Telescope)(2012)(68 minutes)
Exploratory / practice / training sessions done live on camera. 
Edward Riordan, Remote Viewing Explorer   
Farsight Institute:  Premium and Free Projects and Young Masters training videos
Daz Smith videos   
Nyiam Melchizedek 

Classroom videos
TransDimensional Systems Class- Prudence Calabrese  (2002, 7 videos, c. 13 hours)  

In addition to the videos above, the following sections include partial or entire sessions (and some reports) involving the practical application of RV, with varying degrees of feedback and detail.  See also Daz Smith's 8 Martinis magazine,  IRVA's Aperture and TKR threads and archives. For examples of Associative Remote Viewing (ARV), see the ARV section.
Aurora RV Group - Remote Viewing the Nina Reiser Case (downloads pdf)
Daz Smith (extensive sets of examples)   Cosmic Spoon
Debra Duggan-Tagaki (HRVG): Forensic Remote Viewing: The Mackenzie Cowell Case
Debra Lynne Katz (Remote Viewing tab)
Russell Targ links to SRI work

IRIS (in French)  
Lyn Buchanan - Example session, for use in training (1988)
Simeon Hein: Guy Screws Up First Resonant Viewing Session (but still gets direct hit LOL)
Star Gate Program (Daz Smith site)
Technology Transfer Practice CRV Session - Jerry Harthcock (2011)(1 hour, 11 minutes)   Ten Thousand Roads Remote Viewing (Dojo)(thousands of sessions)

Discussion thread on Facebook following the passing of Ingo Swann     (Source: Original Facebook page)
FB Thread Initiated by Pam Coronado
FB Thread initiated by Paul H. Smith

Associative Remote Viewing (Michelle Peterson)
Exercises in Remote Viewing   
IRVA - International Remote Viewing Association
Jung and Remote Viewing: Psyche and Anomalous Perception  (David Shaver)   

Official Remote Viewing Training (Project Jedi, Jim Channon)
Paul Elder - Star Gate Seminars
Projets Scientifiques Intuitifs  
Remote Viewers Research & Discussion Group
Remote Viewing (9290 members)
Remote Viewing (Barta Zoltan)(archived)
Remote Viewers & Remote Viewing (Daz Smith) (4720 members)

Remote Viewing Introduction (Stephen Hamper)
Remote Viewing Reality (Loraine Connon)
Remote Viewing with Lori Williams   
RV for Scientific and Practical Purposes (Antonio Ricardo Martines)
Signal Line Remote Viewers
Stephen Hamper 
Unitary ARV (Jon Knowles)

Suspect Zero (2004)
The Men Who Stare at Goats (2009)
Third Eye Spies (Lance Murgia, Russell Targ) (2016)
A Life Gone Wild (Maryanne Bilham-Knight; about Ingo Swann) (2017)  
Lance Mungia, "Third Eye Spies" (introduction 3:55)   NEW

Note:  Links which point to Wikipedia are merely a starting point. Wikipedia is unreliable on all things related to parapsychology/psi/remote viewing due to ceaseless re-editing by debunkers.

Applied Precognition Project (Marty Rosenblatt) (many instructional videos)
Dr. Harold Puthoff on Remote Viewing (2011)(90 minutes)
Edwin C. May, Psychic Spies, the Russians, & Research: The Inside Story (May 2017)(1:30:54)  
Edwin May, Remote Viewing Stargate Project (Stockholm, 2005)(1:35:22) 
Farsight Institute videos    
Gabrielle Pettingell: Entry-level Remote Viewing Lecture (63 minutes)   
Greg Kolodziejzyk:  The Thought Power Experiment (ARV)
Jacques F. Vallee,  J.B. Rhine Address to the 61st Annual Parapsychological Association Convention  (73 minutes)  
Jessica Utts, Remote Viewing and Statistical Validation (28:02)  
Joe McMoneagle Remote Viewing History and Examples   
Joseph McMoneagle Remote Viewing Stargate Project (Stockholm, 2005)(1:21:57)  
John Vivanco - Psychic Spy, Part 1 (2017)(1:00:33)  
John Vivanco - Psychic Spy, Part 2 (2017) (1:06:01)  
Paul O'Connor: Bases 6: Controlled Remote Viewing Briefing (2009)(87 minutes)
Russell Targ Banned TED Talk about Psychic Abilities (32 minutes)   
Secret CIA Psychic Lab Experiments with Uri Geller at SRI
Secret History of US Remote Viewing Program (72 minutes)   

Simeon Hein  (popular introductory videos on remote viewing
The Case of ESP (BBC Horizon)(early years of RV; SRI)(1983)(90 minutes)
Teresea Frisch (many Youtube videos)   
Thomas McNear  Presentation on Ingo Swann and Remote Viewing (15:59)   NEW

Applied Precognition Project, LLC and Applied Precognition Project Institute  (Marty Rosenblatt)  
Farsight Institute - Courtney Brown   
International Remote Viewing Association (IRVA)  Aperture - RV zine   Remote Viewing Links   RV Library  
Remote Viewers - New York City (Jon Noble)
SoCA Remote Viewing Systems (meet-up)   

Edgar Mitchell, sixth man on the moon, founder of Institute of Noetic Sciences, spoke at an IRVA Conference
Jacques Vallee, author, model for scientist in Close Encounters, astronomer, UFO researcher, DARPA researcher participated in remote viewing experiments
Michael Crichton, author of Jurassic Park, became a "remarkably gifted remote viewer" (Stephan Schwartz)
Pam Coronado, featured on TV programs The unExplained, Sensing Murder and Mediums, studied CRV with Lyn Buchanan and Lori Williams  
President Jimmy Carter admitted in 1995 that remote viewing had been used to find a crashed Russian airplane in Zaire
Richard Bach, author of Jonathan Livingston Seagull, remote viewed at SRI and Coauthored Mind Reach with Russell Targ and Harold Puthoff
Sophy Burnham, author of A Book of Angels, trained in CRV with Lori Williams and wrote about it in The Art of Intuition

RESEARCH   (See Parapsychology page as well)   
American Institutes for Research (AIR) : An Evaluation of Remote Viewing: Research and Applications (downloads pdf)
The American Institutes for Research review of the Department of Defense's STAR GATE Program (downloads pdf) (Commentary by Dr. Ed May)
    Bologna on Wry Bread:  A Review of the A.I.R. Report by Paul H. Smith    
Angela Thompson Smith 
Archives for the Unexplained    
Bial Foundation (In Portugal; gives grants for psi research)   
Debra Lynne Katz - Turn Your Research Project into a Formal Scientific Study (APP Webinar)   
Debra Lynne Katz Research Papers   NEW
Dean Radin  Selected Peer-Reviewed Publications on Psi Research
Edwin May and Sonali Bhatt Marwaha (editors) Extrasensory Perception: Support, Skepticism, and Science, 2 Volumes (2015)
Edwin May and Sonali Bhatt Marwaha, Rethinking Extrasensory Perception: Toward a Multiphasic Model of Precognition (2015) 
Greg Kolodziejzyk  13-Year Associative Remote Viewing Experiment Results (download of pdf)
IRVA Research: Rene Warcollier Prize, CRVREG study
Jack Houck - Researching Remote Viewing and Psychokinesis
James Spottiswoode and Associates
Monroe Institute - Research
Psi Encyclopedia   
Stephan Schwartz and Vernon Neppe: Bibliography of Scientific Remote Viewing Research Papers (pdf)
World Cat search for Remote Viewing (230K hits) 

STAR GATE  (Star Gate was the umbrella name for the remote viewing program of SRI (Stanford Research Institute) and US Intelligence Agencies. The extensive archives of the program are now available to the public from the following sources. If you obtain a version which is not indexed and hyperlinked, a search engine like dtSearch will be a great help.   
Background to the CIA Star Gate files - Daz Smith (with selected files)
CIA Star Gate collection  
Star Gate Archives, Volume 1: Edwin May, Sonali Bhatt Marwaha (2018)  
Star Gate Archives, Volume 2: Edwin May, Sonali Bhatt Marwaha (2018)   
Star Gate Archives, Volume 3: Edwin May, Sonali Bhatt Marwaha (2019)    NEW
Star Gate Archives, Volume 4: Edwin May, Sonali Bhatt Marwaha (2019)    NEW
Star Gate collection - Isaac Koi (downloadable; plus index to search the files)
Star Gate Dataset - Central Intelligence Agency (download entire set)  Browse files individually
Star Gate files, with index by Paul Smith, available to IRVA to members (free)
Star Gate Interactive Archives - Tamra Temple (indexed and hyperlinked, available on USB thumb drive)

The sites marked "Interactive" allow you to do a quick session and receive immediate feedback.
David Morehouse Practice Targets   
Debra Lynne Katz Targets   
Deep Awareness Targets
Farsight Institute practice targets
Focal Point (Jon Noble; for IRVA members)
Greg K's Target Practice
HRVG Targets  
Jef Verbeelen's CRV targets
Lyn Buchanan's CRV Target of the Week
Map Dowsing - New Practice Target Every Week (Marko Norkroos)  
Panopticon - Live web-cam targets
Positive Precog Training Site (Julia Mossbridge)   NEW
Precognitive Remote Viewing Practice Page (Interactive)  
Project Avalon thread with examples
ProjectX  - Target Practice and Research Database (Sandra Hilleard)   
Psychic Experiences (Interactive)    
REM - ARV: Digit Precall System 
Remote Viewing Practice Targets   NEW
Remote Viewing  (Targets Allowed) (Facebook)   NEW
Remote Viewing Test Targets
Remote Viewing Target Practice (Jamie Sexton; Android app) 
Remote Viewing Target Practice (Debra and Natalie)   NEW
Remote Viewing tiny cards (Daniel Cardoso) 
Remote Viewing Trainings - Targets (German-English)   
Right Hemispheric Remote Viewing Objectives   NEW
RVHungary Targets (Barta Zoltan)
Sean McNamara Remote Viewing/Clairvoyant targets 

Simeon Hein/Mt. Baldy Institute   
Target Monkey - Daz's RV targets
Target Practice
TKR Remote Viewing targets (weekly "missions" with other remote viewers)

TOOLS - Cooldowns
Full Length Binaurals (Youtube)  
Gnaural - open source binaural beat generator
Hemi Synch by Monroe Products
Remote Viewing - Meditation Music - Daz Smith 
Spotify Playlist (Kirby Scott Coe)   
Theta Realms (Youtube videos for cooldown)
Youtube videos:  Search for theta meditation, theta hemi-synch, etc. Or specifically for videos by TheDazbar2, GeniusBrainPower, erichb22, ThetaRealms, highermusic, FullLengthBinaurals, or CalebBooker. 

TOOLS - General
Acca Calculator  A bet calculator  
Brainwave Frequency Listing  
Cyber Remote Viewing - Self-Test Opportunity
DojoPsi RV Audio Drills for Ideograms   
Dung Beetle scoring system - Alexis Poquiz (search TKR, free download) 
Game Day Psychic Worksheets, random letter generator, 25 photos sets, etc.  
Get Maps  Topological views 
Good Judgment To hone forecasting skills  
Got Psi? (Dean Radin/Institute of Noetic Sciences)
Greater Reality RV test
Ideogram Drills (Leo Brodie Music)   
Ideogram Practice - Lori Williams -Intuitive Specialists)  
Ideogram Drills (Daz Smith)  
Internet Archive (showing search for Star Gate)   
Image Streaming - Win Wenger - Project Renaissance   
Kelly Wager calculator
KRV Psi Corps - Development Group for Kinesiologic Remote Viewing (James Cockerham
Local Apparent Sidereal Time (LST) calculator (Note: There is disagreement among a few researchers whether a larger data set shows significant correlations with psi found in an earlier study at 13:30 LST ((high) and 18:00 LST (low).
Locate Street - the Random Location game   
Moon Phases Calendar   
Nvidia AI turns sketches into photorealistic landscapes
Nykotar Ideogram Drills   NEW
Popily Data Visualization tool 
Precognition Calendar by Alexis Poquiz 
PredictIt  Prediction market for politics 
Psychic Tests
Radio Garden  Listen to radio stations around the globe  
Random Number Generator (RNG) - feature in MS Excel
Random Number Generator - Stat Trek
Random Number Generator (3 digits)   
Real-time Strangeness Detector - Psychic Science - Michael Daniels, Ph.D.  
Remote Viewing Tournament - Learn ESP and Win Prizes (APP on Google Play)  NEW
Russell Targ's ESP Trainer (a free Apple app)
Scanning sessions to pdf:  CamScan app (free) for smartphones and tablets; Fujitsu ScanSnap or other scanner with a sheet feeder
Shannon Entropy Calculator
Solar weather: solar wind and solar flares
Synesthesia Battery   Some researchers believe synesthesia correlates with psi ability
Target Coordinate Generator - Farsight Institute  
Test for ESP - Paul Cooijmans  

TABLETS and other devices to do paperless sessions
AWW App Online Whiteboard for Realtime Visual Collaboration   NEW
Boogie Board eWriters
Cintiq Pen & Touch Display
Google SketchUp tool
Quill (Virtual Reality illustration and animation tool)  
The Slate

Most in-person training is quite expensive. One can also self-train using one of the CRV-related manuals or practice the natural RV method noted above.  See also free offerings by Daz Smith and Courtney Brown below. * indicates online courses available.

Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV)
Angela Thompson Smith - Mindwise Consulting  Videos of Angela T. Smith 
Coleen Marenich - CRV Training.CA  
David Morehouse (ex-US military intelligence)*
CRV Manuals (several on Daz Smith's site)
David Hughes (David Morehouse student)   NEW
David Shaver Workshops  
Daz Smith - CRV Mentoring and Practice (hosted on TKR; free)
Daz Smith Tier1 Remote Viewing 
Dominique Surel - Energy Medicine University
Lori Williams - Intuitive Specialists- Controlled Remote Viewing Training & Services (includes online mentoring clubs)
Lyn Buchanan - Problems>Solutions>Innovations (P>S>I) (ex-US military intelligence)
Paul O'Connor - Pure Stream Information (Ireland)
Paul H. Smith - Remote Viewing Instructional Services (RVIS) (ex-US military intelligence)   Remote Perception (video instruction)
Remote Viewing UK (Scotland)
Sandra Hilleard - Forensic Remote Viewing   NEW

Russell Targ (one of the founders of remote viewing)
Stephan A. Schwartz 
The Monroe Institute (TMI) (Joe McMoneagle, Skip Atwater)

Other Remote Viewing Methods/Courses. * indicates online course available
Controlled Precognition 101 (Julia Mossbridge, John Vivanco)* 
Courtney Brown - Farsight Voyager Remote Viewing Course (24 videos, 18 hours, free)  Farsight RV Textbook 1997 (download pdf)
Debra Lynne Katz - International School of Clairvoyance*
Hawaii Remote Viewers' Guild (HRVG- Glenn Wheaton) (has forum)
Marty Rosenblatt - ARV Conferences and Workshops
MindMush Remote Viewing Training and Professional Services
Nancy du Tertre - The Skeptical Psychic* 
Paul Elder workshops
Remote Viewing Consortium (Michael Ruiz, Jason Webber, students of Dames)
Remote Viewing Unit (Rick Hilleard - Australia)   
Right Hemispheric (John Vivanco)   
Simeon Hein - Mount Baldy Institute Virtual viewing-self-paced videos*  RV videos   
TransDimensional Systems- Aurora Bomb - Street RV (Pru Calabrese methods) (pdf)
Technical Intuition (Brett Stuart) Learn RV online*  Crypto Currency Forecasting

Sinclair, Upton, Mental Radio  (Preface by Albert Einstein)(1930)
Warcollier, Rene, Mind to Mind (1938)
Dunne, J.W., An Experiment with Time (1927)

Swann, Ingo
Crossroads Press page of Ingo Swann books 
Amazon page of Ingo Swann books
Goodreads page of  Ingo Swann books
Ingo Swann Papers, University of West Georgia, Ingram Library Special Collections  
To Kiss Earth Good-bye: Adventures and Discoveries in the Nonmaterial (1975)
Everybody's Guide to Natural ESP: Unlocking the Extrasensory Power of Your Mind (1987)
Your Nostradamus Factor: Accessing Your Innate Ability to See Into the Future (1993)
The Great Apparitions of Mary: An Examination of Twenty-Two Supranormal Appearances (1996)
Penetration: The Question of Extraterrestrial and Human Telepathy (1998)
Psychic Sexuality: The bio-psychic "anatomy" of sexual energies (1999)
Remote Viewing: The Real Story: An Autobiographical Memoir
Superpowers of the Human Biomind (2004)(pdf)

McMoneagle, Joseph  (books on Amazon)
Mind Trek: Exploring Consciousness, Time and Space Through Remote Viewing (1993)
The Ultimate Time Machine: A Remote Viewer's Perception of Time and Predictions for the New Millennium (1998)
Remote Viewing Secrets: A Handbook (2000)
The Stargate Chronicles: Memoirs of a Psychic Spy (2002)

Targ, Russell
Mind-Reach: Scientists Look at Psychic Ability (coauthor Harold Puthoff) (1977)
The Mind Race: Understanding and Using Psychic Abilities (coauthor Keith Harary) (1985)
Miracles of  Mind: Remote Viewing and Spiritual Healing (coauthor Jane Katra) (1999)
The Heart of Mind: How to Experience God Without Belief (coauthor Jane Katra) (2000)
Limitless Mind: A Guide to Remote Viewing and Transformation of Consciousness (2004)
End of Suffering: Fearless Living in Troubled Times (coauthor J.J. Hurtak) (2006)
Do You See What I See: Memoirs of a Blind Biker (2008)
The Reality of ESP: A Physicist's Proof of Psychic Abilities (2012)
Targ and Puthoff - Rebuttal of Criticisms of RV Experiments (Nature magazine)
Russell Targ - A Response to Wikipedia (May 2014)  

Edwin C. May
Anomalous Cognition: Remote Viewing  Research and Theory (co-editor Sonali Bhatt Marwaha) (2014)    
ESP Wars East & West: An Account of the Military Use  of  Psychic Espionage as Narrated by the Key Russian and American Players (co-authors Victor Rubel and Loyd Auerbach) (2014)    
Extrasensory Perception: Support, Skepticism, and Science, 2 Volumes (2015) (co-editor with Sonali Bhatt Marwaha )  
The Star Gate Archives: Reports of United States Government Sponsored Psi Program, Volumes 1 and 2, Edwin May, Sonali Bhatt Marwaha (2018) 

Schwartz, Stephan A.
The Secret Vaults of Time: Psychic Archaelogy and the Quest for Man's Beginnings (1978; 2005)
The Alexandria Project (1983; 2001)
Opening to the Infinite: The Art and Science of Nonlocal Awareness (2007)
The Vision: A Novel of Time and Consciousness (2018)   

Atwater, F. Holmes, Captain of My Ship, Master of My Soul (2001)

Graff, Dale
River Dreams (2000)
Tracks in the Psychic Wilderness: An Exploration of ESP, Remote Viewing, Precognitive Dreaming and Synchronicity (2003)
Marrs, Jim, Psi Spies: The True Story of America's Psychic Warfare Program (2007)

Morehouse, David 
Psychic Warrior: The True Story of America's America's Foremost Psychic Spy and the Cover-Up of  CIA's Top-Secret Watergate (1998)
Remote Viewing: The Complete User's Manual for Coordinate Remote Viewing (2007)

Buchanan, Lyn
The Seventh Sense: The Secrets of Remote Viewing as Told by A "Psychic Spy" for the U.S. Military (2003)
Gravity Can Be Your Friend (It Can Also Get You Killed)

Smith, Paul H.
Reading the Enemy's Mind: Inside Star Gate, America's Psychic Espionage Program (2004)
The Essential Guide to Remote Viewing (2015)   
Paul Smith Blog - Remote Viewing / Remote Perception 

Smith, Angela Thompson
Remote Perceptions: Out-of-body Experiences, Remote Viewing and Other Normal Abilities (1998)
Diary of an Abduction (2001)
River of Passion (2007)
Voices from the Cosmos (2014)   
Seer: 30 Years of Remote Viewing...and Counting (2016)   

Schnabel, Jim
, Remote Viewers: The Secret History of America's Psychic Spies (1997)

Brown, Courtney

Cosmic Voyage: A Scientific Discovery of Extraterrestrials Visiting Earth (1996)
Cosmic Explorers: Scientific Remote Viewing, Extraterrestrials, and a Message for Mankind (1999)
Remote Viewing:  The Science and Theory of Nonphysical Perception (2005)
Politics in Music: Music and Political Transformation from Beethoven to Hip-Hop (2007)

Hein, Simeon
Opening Minds:  A Journey of Extraordinary Encounters, Crop Circles and Resonance (2002)
Planetary Intelligence: 101 Easy Steps to Energy, Well-being and Natural Insight (2006)

Mossbridge, Julia  
The Premonition Code: The Science of Precognition (coauthor Theresa Cheung) (2018)

Smith, Daz
Surfing the Psychic Internet (2006)
CRV - Coordinate Remote Viewing: Collected Manuals & Information (2013)
Remote Viewing Dialogues: Psychic Spy Veterans from the 23-year U.S. Military and Intelligence Remote Viewing programs share their experiences and expertise (2014)
Remote Viewing 9/11: A New Intuitive Perspective on the New York and Washington, D.C. Terror Attacks (2016) 
8 Martinis (magazine)

Rosenblatt, Marty, Ours To See (a novel) (1992)   
Millay, Jean, Multidimensional Mind: Remote Viewing in Hyperspace (2000)
Rifat, Tim, Remote Viewing: What It Is, Who Uses It and How To Do It (2001)
Calabrese, Prudence, Intentions: The Intergalactic Bathroom Enlightenment Guide (2002)
Ronson, Jon, The Men Who Stare at Goats (2004)
Schmidt, Marilyn, Remote Viewing: A Theoretical Investigation of the State of the Art (2007)
Sule, Anand, The Remote Influencer 2 (2008)
Renshaw, Ken, Science, Remote Viewing and ESP (2009)
Dames, Ed, Tell Me What You See: Remote Viewing Cases from the World's Premier Psychic Spy (2010)
Frost, Cassandra: A Decade of Writing on Remote Viewing, Intuition and Consciousness (c. 2012)  
Shaver, David, Jung and Remote Viewing: Psyche and Anomalous Perception (2013)   
Noble, Jon, Natural Remote Viewing: A Practical Guide to the Mental Martial Art of Self-Discovery (2013)   
Hilleard, Sandra, Anomalies (2013) 
Edwards, Stewart,  Remote Viewing My First Six Months (2014)
Herlosky, John, A Sorcerer's Apprentice: A Skeptics' Journey into the CIA Project Stargate (2015)
Jeane, Nancy C., Reading My Mind - A Personal Journal: From Retired School Teacher to Professional Remote Viewer (2015)  

Atunrase, Tunde,  Remote Viewing UFOS and the VISITORS: Where do they come from?... (2015)
Stuart, Brett, Technical Remote Viewing: The Complete Guide (2016)  

Vivanco, John, The Time Before the Secret Words: On the path of Remote Viewing, High Strangeness and Zen (2016)  
Jacobsen, Annie, Phenomena:  The Secret History of the U.S. Government's Investigations into ExtraSensory Perception and Psychokinesis (2017)
Knowles, Jon, Remote Viewing from the Ground Up (2017)   
Williams, Lori Lambert
, Monitoring: A Guide for Remote Viewing and Professional Intuitive Teams (Kindle)(2017)  
Shaver, David, The Psychology of Remote Viewing (2018)  
Pouliot, Dan, Super Human: The next stage of human evolution is what you think (a novel) (2018) 

Results of online survey: Remote Viewing and Consciousness-related books (Igor Grgich)(2017)   


ACHRV (Aaron C. Hanson, formerly Donahue)   
Alexis Poquiz Capstone: LXS Associative Anomalous  Cognition video)  
Barta Zoltan - Remote Viewing Experiences (Hungary)
Charles Tart Suppressing the Future to Use ESP in the Present   
Coast to Coast Radio - George Noory  (search the guest list for RV interviews)
Cynthia Sue Larson - Reality Shifters
Dan Eden - Remote Viewing: Is It Real?
Dan Green - Remote Viewing for the Grail  
Dan Pouliot blog   On Courtney Brown's '"Farsight Planet 2014: Great Pyramid of Giza"  
David John Oates - Remote Viewing and Reverse Speech (the Husick Group uses Reverse Speech)
Debra Katz, Daz Smith, Ed Riordan, The Other Side of the Curve (video interview)    
Dick Allgire RV Theory: Determining Dates without Using Numbers: Is it possible?
Edwin C. May - Meet the Former Pentagon Scientist Who Says Pyschics Can Help American Spies  

Ed Dames (ex-US military intelligence agent) - RV Community Forums
    Caution:  Ed Dames has done enormous harm to the field of remote viewing:
    Is It Smart to Buy Remote Viewing Materials by Ed Dames?
    Ed Dames - by Royce Myers III
    Art Bell Fan Forum: Ed "No Shame" Dames (2009-2014)
    Ed Dames and the Steve Fossett Crash
    Ed Dames Prophecy (examples)

Ersby blog (Andrew Endersby)(close examination of Remote Viewing examples)

Farsight Institute - Courtney Brown  Session Analysis Machine  Scientific Remote Viewing (Facebook)
Currency Forecasting  NEW 
    Courtney Brown and Remote Viewing
    On Courtney Brown's '"Farsight Planet 2014: Great Pyramid of Giza"
    Farsight's Climate Project (Summary and Videos by Courtney Brown)
    Dan Eden: Remote Viewers predict catastrophic meteor impact before Spring 2013   
    Remote Viewers Predicting Catastrophic Events 2013 and the near term future 

Gary Langford  (SRI pioneer) - interview on TKR (2009)
Gerald O'Donnell - Academy of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing    ARVARI Success Stories
Harold E. Puthoff, CIA-Initiated Remote Viewing at Stanford Research Institute (1996)
Jack Houck articles   Researching Remote Viewing and Psychokinesis
Jeffrey McCann - My RV Training (at Farsight  Institute and TDS)
Jenna Ludwig Applied RV: Project Blind Awareness (Network)
Jerry Pippin radio show - remote viewing guests
Larger Universe (TransDimensionalSystems - TDS) - available via the wayback machine
Leigh Culver (Daz Smith's teacher)
Lori Williams 18 Years of Excitement: CRV Stories from a Professional Viewer 
Mankind Research Unlimited (MRU) 
Marty Rosenblatt, Remote Viewing and Ethics (essays)   
Michael Straus - The Mystic Mailman blog    
Nyiam Melchizedek - The Feedback Loop   Videod sessions
Palyne (PJ) Gaenir - brain stim blog   Psiche blog   Red Cairo blog
Paracast Radio forum - Marv Darley and Daz Smith confound the skeptics
Paranormal Science Institute - Remote Viewing Manual - Fred Gunn (2007)(download pdf)   
People and Places in ConintelPro, RV and Mind Control (Doc Hambone)
Persinger, Roll, Tiller, Koren, Cook, "Remote Viewing with the artist Ingo Swann: neuropsychological profile..." (2002)   
Project Star Gate on Reddit  
PSIINT - Remote Viewing Consortium
PSICorp (PsiTech) - Dane Spotts  
Remote Influencer - Anand Sule   
Remote Viewing Hungary - Barta Zoltan (in Hungarian)
Remote Viewing - The ESP of Espionage - Turan Rifat (1996)
Remote Viewing - Scientific Proof and Evidence   
Remote Viewing Timeline (goes far beyond RV)   
RetroPsychoKinesis project - John Walker (1996)

Retrotasking / Retasking - Can a session be retasked and altered? 
Prudence Calabrese - Multiple-Agent Systems and Remote Viewing (2003)  
    Retrotasking (TKR - see also masking and entrainment)
    Closing the session - Courtney Brown (book)
    Closing the Session - Simeon Hein (video 9 minutes)

Rhine Institute blog
RV Chronos and RV Geoloc
RV Protocol (TKR)
RV/Mind Control Web Index
RV Study - Lian Sidorov, et al.  
Soul Rider LLC - Private Financial Forecasting Fund - Michael Austin
Stanley Krippner, Possible Geomagnetic Field Effects in Psi Phenomena   
Stewart Edwards blog   
Tanner Dam: Masking and Entrainment (on TKR)
The Undivided - Remote Viewing blog 
Tim Rifat - Lucid Viewing
Twitter: Remote Viewing on Twitter   NEW
Udemy Remote Viewing Basics - Turn Intuition into Super Psychic 
Uri Geller: Summary of SRI Experiments (videos)   
Viking Remote Viewing
Visión Remota
Win Any Lottery (Connie Willis)

German remote viewing  
Das Forum von & für Remote Viewer
Freie Remote Viewing Gruppe im Main Kinzig Kreis (video)
Markus Perk (including remote viewing in Germany) 
RemoteContact (German)(Facebook)
Remote Viewing Akademie - Manfred Jelinski   Literatur
Remote Viewing Institute - Raik Fischer
Remote Viewing School (Facebook)
Remote Viewing Training
Remote Viewing Training Targets
Signallinie Der Blog
Time Tracker: Private Investigators and Detectives in Germany

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